Ranking and Comparing my Foundations

I like to try out different foundations then get into moods where I wear one for several weeks before switching to another one. So it takes me quite a while to get through a single bottle of foundation. To a point where I start to forget how they stack up next to each other, so I thought I would do a massive comparison of all the ones that I keep in my collection. I’m going to do a similar ranking as I did in my Juvia’s Place palette comparisons where I’m going use a few different categories to determine which foundation is truly the best. The categories will be the following: wear time, finish, price, shade range, coverage, amount and applicator.

3 Looks 1 Palette: NYX Modern Dreamer Palette

I love a good colorful eyeshadow look, it doesn’t matter the occasion. I could just be going to work, sitting around the house, or going out somewhere. So, I like to have a variety of colorful eyeshadow palettes in my collection. Since the post on eyeshadow palettes I said goodbye to during the move, I have also gotten rid of around ten additional neutral ones. I’m not going to be doing a post on that, but I thought I would let you all know. In addition to getting rid of those palettes, I have gained an additional one: NYX Modern Dreamer Palette. Which has a lot of variety in eyeshadow colors. So, today I’m going to be sharing three of the looks I’ve created thus far using the Modern Dreamer palette.


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Happy Independence Day! Fourth of July Makeup Look

It’s Fourth of July in the United States so I thought I would do my makeup today inspired by the holiday. Hope everyone has a great day! I have one more post this week coming up on Saturday then I’ll be offline for the next week or so while I move. So see you all when I get back!

Current Work Makeup Routine | Spring 2019

When I’m getting ready for work in the morning I leave barely enough time for myself, as I am not a morning person so elaborate makeup is not something I go for like I do on weekends. Typically this means only two or three eyeshadows, mascara, brows, and concealer. If I’m awake enough and have an additional minute I’ll add in liner, foundation, and lip balm. Typically rushing to do these as Pixie is outside going to the bathroom or taking ages to eat her breakfast. And I haven’t done one of these posts in ages, so I thought I might as well do an update on what my minimalist makeup routine is.

Outer Space Neon Fairy: ColourPop Festival Collection Makeup Tutorial

Today I’m going to try something new, let me know what you think in the comments on if I should do more of these in the future. Basically it’s a picture tutorial for a look that I shared on Instagram. Which someone nicely named: Outer Space Neon Fairy. And considering the moment I tried to take this look off my entire face looked like I was covered in fairy dust, I’m couldn’t agree more.

3 Looks 1 Palette: NYX Machinist Collection – Grind Palette

Instead of getting new palettes and my constant desire to do some sort of series, I’m going to be doing an ongoing 3-looks-1-palette or collection series. Where I don’t necessarily review a palette or share any deep thoughts about it since all of these I’ve reviewed for the most part on my blog at some point. If I did I’ll link the review post at the end of each post if you want to see my overall thoughts on a palette, as my opinion hasn’t really changed on the formula since I put those reviews up. Now some of the palettes will be limited edition ones as I’m just going to cycle through my collection. If the palette is still available, I will make a note on each post as well in this series.