Tips On Off-Lease Dog Walking

One of my favorite ways to unwind is to go for a walk with my dog Pixie. And when we get to go without Winnie I try to go to places where I can take Pixie off lease. As she loves to explore, but in the cities there aren’t a lot of locations for that so we end up at the dog park since one of the ones near us has several acres of land so you can walk for a long time without a lease. Plus they have a lake though it’s a bit too late for that this time of year (not that the picture are recent).

Off-Lease Dog Parks with Pixie

In the Twin Cities there aren’t a lot of open fields or places to take your dog that loves to run that don’t require you have a lease. And a long lease doesn’t cut it as they have limitations on the length of lease in many of these places. So finding an off-lease dog park is a must with having a dog who goes zero to sixty after a tennis ball. And I mean that quite literally… while maybe not the speed part. But if there is a tennis ball being thrown, nothing else matters in the world to her. And a six feet limit is not going to cut it. She wants to run 30 to 50 yards after the ball. If not more. 


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