Sunrise Lake | Paint Nite with my Sister | AD

For national sibling day, a previous Paint Nite blog post I did got shared on their main page so we got free tickets to any night of our choosing. So we agreed upon Sunrise Lake, which looks rather complicated but a lot of fun. If you’ve never done a Paint Nite, I highly recommend it. Not just because we got free tickets to Paint Nite but because I love going to these. To be honest, my sister and I were already planning to do another one anyways and the free tickets just made it so much easier for us.

Sunset Cherry Blossom: Paint Nite

On Tuesday, I went to another paint nite with my sister. This one was at the Pint Public House in downtown Minneapolis and it was absolutely amazing! I seriously would go to this every night if I could afford to do this every night. My sister has never been a big painter like me, and often second guesses herself when she tries to paint. But I love paint nite and she really wanted to do this for her birthday, so I was super excited. And this painting is just gorgeous. And matches the paintings that I have in my bedroom, which are all trees and nature inspired.


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And Straight On Till Morning – Paint Nite

Last night, I got three free tickets to Paint Nite from my boss as she was unable to go herself. So I invited my sister, Lucy, and my best friend from high school that I used to have painting class with, Mimmy. The painting that we got to create our own version of was called “And Straight On Till Morning.” Which is a boat on water at what I’m guessing is sunset. And taught by the amazing Kelly Costello.