I Tried Following a Bob Ross Tutorial Digitally

I decided to follow a Bob Ross tutorial digitally today on stream. But to give myself more of a challenge, I was only allowed to use “weird” brushes. So, not your typical flat brush, oil paint, or line brushes. I had to use the artistic ones. Those that have weird textures or designs. This also went for any smudging or blending that I had to do. In addition, to keep with the traditional style art I could only use one layer. The tutorial I ended up following was Tropical Seascape from Season 12 Episode 9 of The Joy of Painting.

Life Lately: February 2020

This month I’ve been kind of offline, mainly as A LOT has been going on. Since, I haven’t done one of these in ages, I thought I would share what’s I’ve been up to.


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Road to Rediscovery: Revisiting Old Hobbies

Something I’ve been trying to do lately is getting back to my old hobbies. After high school I kind of left them behind mainly due to limited time and poor mental health. These hobbies being drawing, writing, and reading. Now I also paint, which I have not stopped though I do so sparingly as I don’t need a million canvas especially right now while I’m in a tiny space. And as much fun as makeup is I don’t want that to be my only hobby. So I’m revisiting the ones I left in the past to see if they interest me again now that my mental health isn’t as god awful.

Well This Sucks… But I’m Not Going to Let That Stop Me

As much as I like to say I’m good at pay attention to expiration dates on products, I clearly forgot how long I had a foundation and primer which caused a massive allergic reaction on my face. It’s not anything against those products since I’ve had them way too long and should’ve noticed how out of date they were. And I know I was never going to be noticed by Norvina but everyone online has been so supportive of each other that I thought I would share some more of my creative looks to see where that would get me. Plus it was fun. Then my face freaked out so I had mental flashes to art looks that people paint on their arms with face/body paints. And I was like, yes that’s what I can do.

Things That Have Helped My Mental Health Lately

If you have been following me on social media, and happened to see any of my posts pop of in your feed (as I know several platforms mess that up) you will know I’ve been dealing with a depressive phase in my bipolar cycle. And it was a rather moderate-severe one, which is something I haven’t had in a while since switching off of medication almost four years ago. With this I honestly thought I was going to completely fall off the wagon and resume some of my old addictions. But I didn’t because of these items, and they have helped me return to a more stable ground though I know it’s only temporary and I need to go in to get medication again for my Bipolar Disorder. 

Life Through Death Painting Series

This is a painting series that I’ve been working on for my bedroom. Two of the paintings I have technically done before the first one being the a heart with flowers and the second being a ribcage filled with flowers. I decided when I was going to make a third painting around the same theme that I wanted literally everything to match. So I painted over all of them that way they would look way more uniform. After creating the first painting in the series I decided to name it “Life Through Death.” Since all the paintings basically involve items that would be dead with flowers symbolizing life somewhere in the painting.