The Pop Culture Download #15: The Fallen Series

Last week, I saw the movie adaption for Fallen and I was confused as hell, yet intrigued. Also honestly I have only been reading books from the Shadowhunters Chronicles (The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices, and The Infernal Devices) for the last several months, so it was time for something different. I picked up all six books from The Fallen Series and so far have only read the main four books: Fallen, Torment, Passion, and Rapture. Instead of doing a review of each book in the series, I’m just going to share my thoughts overall on the series.

5 Things You Will Never Regret Doing When You’re Older

Today marks the last day in 2015 and I know it’s been rough on a lot of people. So here’s to a better year and to the goals we didn’t have time for in 2015. Hopefully we keep them this year. Some goals or items you can never look back at and be ashamed of or regret in the future that you can start in the new year are the following. Mission trip in New…


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