Photo Diary: Crisp Evening Walk in the Woods

I haven’t been out and about for a photo outing in a while. Mainly because these days if I go out for a walk with the dogs, I have to take both dogs (Winnie and Pixie). And while Pixie is excellent on these walks, Winnie could never come on these walks. Mainly as when we go for walks in the woods, we often run into other dogs and Winnie cannot be anywhere near other dogs.

New Photo Style I’m Obsessed With

So I’ve been trying to figure out something different to do with my blog photography that’s not insanely similar to everyone else’s blog. So I started playing around with my photos and looking back on old scrapbooks I have that I used to do yearly before I started blogging. Plus after playing Life is Strange, Max had a journal that had a lot of drawings around her writing that I just loved how artist/creative it was. So I wanted to pull those elements into my blog with my photography.


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How to Become Less Camera Shy & Gain Self-Confidence

Since I was in Junior High School, I have always been the one taking the pictures. I have hardly any pictures of myself from those years up until senior year of High School. Mainly because I was never comfortable being in front of the camera, sure I made video blogs or vlogs on and off during that time frame but not photos. And I’m still a little camera shy, which is why I did the 100 Days of Makeup on Instagram to force myself to get used to taking photos of myself. And to just overall gain some confidence in myself as it all roots down to there. I don’t feel confident with my appearance so I never took pictures of myself. Or let anyone take pictures of me. So how do you go from being extremely camera shy to openly wanting to take selfies? This was the mission I set upon myself several months ago. And here’s what I’ve learned.

Let’s Talk About… 100 Days of Makeup on Instagram

Starting at the beginning of June, I am making it a goal of mine for 100 days to post something makeup related every single day. And since my theme on Instagram is having 3 similar posts in a row, I’m not sure if that means 3 images a day or I do 3 days of similar things. Like a makeup look 3 times then product close ups 3 times. Or a combination of both. I’m doing this challenge to further improve my photography skills as well as to get better overall with makeup. I’m planning on doing a lot of things I haven’t tried before like body painting and advant garde. Normally I use references but I’m in the mood to create something original.

Photo Diary: Walk in the Woods

The other night it was so gorgeous and I decided it would be a good idea to take both of the dogs for a walk. Normally if I’m going to go for a walk I’ll only take Pixie with me and leave my roommate’s dog behind. But she recently got us a double lease so we can hook both dogs together. Now Pixie and Kiki both like to explore while walking and typically they go in separate directions. So starting the walk it was super difficult as they didn’t understand how to walk connected to each other and kept trying to go in different directions. But by the end of the walk, they were walking side by side with Pixie leading as she cannot stand anyone being in front of her. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Using iPhone Camera

For the next photography guide in this series, I thought we would go over taking photos on an iPhone as this is what I used for well over a year in the beginning for all photos on my blog. And occasionally I still use for blog/Instagram photos. As when I’m out and about, I don’t really want to carry my expensive DSLR camera with me. So how can you get high-quality photographs using your iPhone?