Charlotte Tilbury & Physician’s Formula are no Longer Cruelty Free, Selling Products in Mainland China

Two companies that have recently come to my attention have started selling products in China are Charlotte Tilbury and Physician’s Formula. Since I exclusively use products that are cruelty free, I felt it was only right to update my readers and my cruelty free guide to reflect these latest discoveries. I learned about these through Ethical Elephant and Cruelty Free Kitty, two excellent sources for information. So, what is the deal with each of these?

Tangled in Lights Makeup Look

I don’t have a big tree to decorate this year though I did help my mom with hers. And hers isn’t the same color palette that I would go for. Granted this look isn’t that either unless you count the rainbow icicle string of lights that I have on my balcony for the season. Since we’re in the midst of Blogmas, I thought I would try my best at a recreation of this tangled up in Christmas lights look by Abbey Strohmeyer (and inspired by Sandra on Instagram). Check out their versions of this look as both are incredible.


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Rainbow Splatter Skull | Vanessa Davis & James Charles Inspired Makeup Look

I was really inspired by this look James Charles and Vanessa Davis did for the “launch” of the Morphe x James Charles mini palette. Which is basically the same palette just smaller. I got the original palette when it launched, moved and had to part ways with it due to size, then regretted that and my sister repurchased it for me as a moving in present (my sister comes up with a million reasons to get me makeup, I generally don’t ask her to but if I mention a palette looks cool and I can’t afford it, suddenly she surprises me with it. She’s the best, I love her to death). However, I recently got the Norvina Collection Volumes 1-3 and decided to use those instead to create my own version of this look.

If I Could Only Choose One of Each Product…

I don’t know why but I realized most products I use I get fixated on one product over that category then never try anything else. Then there are others where I have a massive range of products that I reach for or rotate rather than having favorites. So I wanted to challenge myself to actually just say if I could only have one, which product would I choose to leave with. I had a hard time with some categories but I’m pretty pleased with the results.

There’s a Pumpkin Taking Over My Face

Here’s another Halloween look for the season, many as I’ve been in the trying random makeup looks and I’m not a massive fan of my recreation of this look. But I do like how a few elements of this look turned out. Basically it’s a person who’s being taken over by a pumpkin parasite. I have seen multiple different versions on Instagram this season but the two that I saw were from withlove.nadia and vocallyshook.

Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation SPF 20 LC1 Review

The next foundation I had to try out from my adventure in getting the lightest foundation of every cruelty free brand at the drugstore, was Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation with SPF 20 in the shade LC1. Which is the lightest shade of the 12 included in this line with almost no medium dark to deep dark shades. This foundation costs $12.99 and contains 1 oz of product.