My Dog Saved My Mental Health & Life

I’ve been feeling rather uninspired lately but over Labor Day weekend I took a really cute photo with my dog and I wanted to use it somehow. I typically never do blog posts inspired by photographs I’ve taken. But this one got me thinking just about how much Pixie has helped me over the past almost five years. Especially in the mental health department… and honestly I don’t think I’ve written anything about that on my blog. Or if I have, I didn’t see it in a quick search of my previous posts. So why not discuss it with that photo I love so much of Pixie Bug and myself.

I Almost Lost the Pixie Bug to HGE

This entire week I’ve basically been off social media as I’ve been solely concentrated on Pixie as she almost died this week. OR rather she could have, which is why I wanted to put my full focus on her. I’ll get into what HGE is later as I kind of just want to write literally everything that happened.


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Dressing up Pixie for Christmas

Pixie is not a fan of dressing up especially after Halloween when we dressed her and Kiki up in Star Wars and DC Comic. But she doesn’t mind wearing bandannas. So I have quite a few from PetSmart that are perfect for the season. I also switched out her comic book collar for a green and white candy cane striped collar with red flowers and Christmas bells. And I thought I would show you some of my favorite bandannas that I like dressing Pixie in for the season.

Dressing Up the Dogs in Star Wars Costumes

So my roommate, Harley, and I are massive nerds and when we saw at PetSmart that there were Star Wars costumes, we couldn’t help ourselves and got six of them for our two dogs: Kiki and Pixie. Now Kiki is totally used to wearing outfits while Pixie will occasionally wear them depending on how they are cut and fitted. As some are tighter in some spots than others. Her favorite thing to wear are bandanas, but even then some days she does not want to wear anything but her collar. What I’m trying to say in a very roundabout way, I wouldn’t do anything to my dog that she isn’t comfortable with. She makes the best facial expressions and I know how to read them all, including her sassy “I am not doing that” face. And luckily on the day we put these all on for the photoshoot, Pixie was totally fine with us putting them on. Though a few she did not like after a few minutes as they were just too much and they were promptly removed.

Life Lately | August 2016

This month has been a lot stress and headaches. And it all involves change.

At the end of July, Ariel informed us that she was going to be leaving us right after we moved in as she was being shipped out to New Jersey for work. Now that wasn’t actually what happened and remained a mystery for almost the entire month of August. This meant Harley and I had to struggle figuring out what we were remotely going to do without our third roommate as we were hitting our max budget already. And I had just managed to get my budget back under control by adjusting my student loans so I could have some spending money again. Nope, that’s gone now. Now as of writing this post, Ariel doesn’t actually know 100% if she is getting the manager position but she has heard from many individuals to start looking at places out there to live. So it sounds like she will be leaving us which means Toulouse will be leaving and we’ll be a dog only house. I think Pixie will really love this, as she isn’t his biggest fan which leads to some issues of the two arguing with one another.

Life Lately | July 2016

Oh July has been a very interesting month. From being stressed out over my budget, to working and planning a lot of projects, walking everywhere for Pokémon Go, and making sure Pixie Bug and Winnie Bear get along.