Review of Ace Beaute Scarlet Dusk Palette

I love a good sunset moment on the eyes or red eyeshadow. It reminds me of my favorite color plus the deeper shades just call to me. I miss my Merlot hair on a frequent basis (remind me not to start that up again, I’m extremely tempted at the moment) and this palette has shades that remind me so much of this. Specifically the shades Bahamas and Sangria, especially Sangria. Anyways, I’ve been using this palette for the better part of the last week since reds are more “work-appropriate” than blue and green, so next up in reviewing of Ace Beaute palettes is Scarlet Dusk.

3 Looks 1 Palette: Jackie Aina x Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette

Honestly, I wasn’t going to get this limited edition palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills as from the looks of it it’s a mixture of several palettes: Alyssa Edwards, Modern Renaissance, and Norvina. But since I got my sister the Riviera palette, she repaid me (her words, not mine) by getting me the Jackie Aina palette. But since I have the palette, I thought I would start out with doing a 3 looks 1 palette, and then update my rankings of the ABH palettes with my review once I’ve gotten more use out of this palette.


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Swatches of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker & Mini Breaker Palettes

Alright swatching time! A concept that is both a great visual of a palette but a horrible way of telling how shadows perform. I already shared three of the looks I created using the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker palette, and will have the Mini Breaker Palette looks up later this week. So, in the meantime, I thought I would share the swatches of both the palettes. My overall thoughts on the palette will be reserved for their individual posts.

3 Looks 1 Palette: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker

Alright time to share some of the looks I created using the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker palette which is the larger of the two palettes released in the Summer 2019 collection. I tried to incorporate as many shades as possible in each of these looks to get the most out of the palette when I was trying it out.

Break Down of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Jawbreaker Summer 2019 Collection

I don’t go for every release from Jeffree Star Cosmetics as a lot of launches are just things I would not go for or need, but this one just drew me in though I did not get every single product that came in the collection. For a few reasons: 1) I don’t need that much makeup, 2) I would never use 75% of it, and 3) my bank account would kill me. But I did end up going with the Jawbreaker palette, Mini Breaker palette, and the Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Fully Nude and Strawberry Crush.

Swatches of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I’m spending the entire week minus Wednesday on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Pressed Pigment palette. I’ve never done an entire post dedicated to just swatches so I’m doing every type of swatch you can image in this post: brush, eye, finger, and perfect. The perfect one is more just for the display photos for this post, but we’re going to get into every shade and stain my lids to new levels from Red#40 that’s in a bunch of the shadows. I tried to limit the number of swatches I did on my lids every day so they weren’t too bad, but I kind of liked doing this type of post though I know I’m not going to be a whole lot of this in the future as my lids were not happy with all of the eye swatches though they show off the shadows the best. Also before we get into the swatches, I did not clean off any fall out in the eye swatches so you can really see what happened when applying the shadows using an e.l.f. fluffy brush.