Gaia/Terra: Goddess of Earth Tutorial | The Goddess Collection

I really wanted to get back into the Goddess Collection as I had some time to finally sit down and create the looks that were in my head. So the first one in the continuation of the series is Gaia or Terra (depending on if you’re looking at Greek or Roman mythology, though they are one and the same). She is the goddess of the earth. So I wanted to take those elements and bring them to life. As well as using more material items to complete the look such as butterflies, leaves, and white roses.

Athena/Minerva: Goddess of War Strategy and Wisdom

For the third look, since Athena/Minerva is the goddess of war strategy and wisdom I love I would try to showcase that using golds and bronze colors. Now when I originally planned and tested the look, it turned out completely different to when I filmed it. So you can see in the end I ended up just switching the look of the head piece that this goddess is often seen wearing.


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Nyx/Nox: Goddess of Night

The second Goddess in the collection is Nyx/Nox or the goddess of the night, who was feared by Zeus and is the daughter of Chaos. She was also the mother to sleep, death, and darkness. And I thought it was only right to do this look using mainly NYX products. For this look I wanted to go something more Avant Garde with a galaxy effect created using various cream paints of purples, teals, blues, and white/silvers.

Iris/Arcus: Goddess of the Rainbow Tutorial

This is the first goddess in the collection and you might recognize the DIY Rainbow highlighter, in the video, that I made a few months ago. I originally created a design for this look without the highlighter but after seeing the rainbow highlighter, I had to change the plan just a little bit to include it in a look. Especially for Iris/Arcus who is the Goddess of the rainbow. She is the messenger of the gods and sometimes known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky by being the link of the gods to humanity. As I’m already going to be doing the Goddess of the sea, I will not being adding that part of her story into this look.

The Goddess Collection Announcement

I am so excited to announce a little project that I started a few months ago. I have loved watching many of my favorite YouTubers create Avant Garde looks inspired by different things for years now. Though I’ve never tried to recreate them, I kind of wanted to try creating some looks of my own. So I decided to find my muse with the goddesses of various mythologies and create some of my own makeup tutorials. To start with I am going to be doing some Greek/Roman goddesses, but will be moving to Norse and Egyptian mythology afterwards. Let me know if there is any goddess you would like to see in this collection and I will try to include it.