Two Point Hospital: The Spiritual Successor to Theme Hospital

Two Point Hospital might just be my causal game. It was released by Two Point Studios with the help of Sega on August 30th, 2018. Some of the same developers that were part of Theme Hospital helped create this game thus making it the spiritual successor. While I never played Theme Hospital, I know I would’ve loved it if I had the game back in the day.

Minecraft: Welcome to my Underground Fortress

I thought it would be a lot of fun to show you all my underground fortress in Minecraft. This is the game/world I normally play in if I’m playing Minecraft. So I have spent a lot of time working on this fortress which I built inside of a mountain. Originally it was my first hole that I dug to hide in for the night. And has expanded to what it is today. It has one massive bedroom near the beginning of the fortress, then I have a variety of other rooms from a treasure room, armory, kitchen, smelting room, dining room, crafting room, enchanting room, animal farm, crop farm, and mob farm. I also have a bunch of villagers and golems that dwell in the fortress.


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Astroneer Beginner’s Guide

Astroneer is a gorgeous game with a very captivating yet similar color scheme/artwork. I love that the worlds are procedural-generated but also mold like play-doh. Similar to how No-Man Sky in that sense but without the let-down ending of the center of the universe just being a fresh new start game. That and you actually can play with multiple players. There are tons of things to discover on these play-doh planets including satellites, crashed ships, and treasures both above ground and below. They don’t have explanation and don’t really need one.