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Style on Focus: Tomboy

In our final installment of style on focus, we’re going to the tomboy style. Which is basically the style I lived in during most of my elementary and junior high school years. I did not want to dress girly in any way. Black clothing or pink clothing, baggy over fitted or “flow-y” with frills and laces. And I still love a lot of elements from this style, as I would rather get graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts from the men’s section of any department store as compared to the same items over in the women’s department.

Style on Focus: Sophisticated

Next style to discuss is that of the sophisticated style. This is the style for anyone who prefers everything to be the best quality possible. And if it needs a little extra attention to detail that makes it even better. They often look for styles that make a statement on the quality, polished manner and culture. Most of them are the ones who are from higher status and are also in a way related to how a businesswoman would dress up. Sophisticated can be characterized as businesswoman minus the formal look. Culture and luxury mean the most to the people who choose this style of fashion.


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Style on Focus: Artsy

Continuing on with Style on Focus, we turn our glace over to Arsty. This is basically just a style that doesn’t follow traditional norms and are quite creative in nature. Their clothes draw attention to make a statement. In this style, often those wearing these pieces are often also their creators from blouses, hats, and jackets. Everyone who lives in this style has their own take on it.

Style on Focus: Chic

Next fashion style in our “Style on Focus” is the Chic style. Chic derives from the French word ‘chique’ which means skill and elegance. So this style is a mixture of the two. Often also characterized by being trendy and fashionable. Think Hollywood and runaways as your made source of inspiration for this look. As it’s all about making a statement while looking smart and striking. Some famous Chic Style Types include Angelina Jolie, Jackie Kennedy, and Victoria Beckham. And of course, a lot of fashion bloggers that I see these days have a wardrobe filled of this style. Cause as Coco Chanel said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” And the chic style is exactly that.

Style on Focus: Preppy

The next style on focus is the preppy fashion style. Which is a mixture of that upper class and private school looks. Complete with collared t-shirts possibly with puff or long sleeves, a-line skirts, headbands, and just overall expensive looking features. But a border of classy, rich, and intellectual. Think Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

Style on Focus: Vintage

Continuing on with our series of discussing different fashion styles more in depth, we’re focusing on the vintage style. Which is a blast from the past typically ranging from the 1920’s to the 1970’s. Some of the main pieces include: flapper dresses, pinup clothing, retro swimwear and indie clothing. Basically all of the fashions that have just stood the test of time and continue to thrive as the years go on. When I think of Vintage, the very first Influencer that I think of is Jessica Vill (JBunzie) who just lives the vintage lifestyle.