Subnautica Below Zero: Where are the Trivalve?

In Subnautica: Below Zero you get a companion creature similar to the Cuddlefish in the original Subnautica game. It’s called the Trivalve, and there are two different color patterns for your little friend: blue and gold. The trivalve does various play actions after it is hatched and released into the ocean. These include: tickling its nose, stroking its head, giving it with a rock, or feeding it treats. There are six total eggs in the world, four of which are blue and two are gold. Since I did a post similar to this for Subnautica with the Cuddlefish, I thought I’d make one for the Trivalve.

Subnautica Below Zero: Assembling Al-An (Architect) a new Vessel

One of the main plot points in Subnautica: Below Zero is helping an Architect named Al-An. First by finding the member of the Architects, who is only the consciousness of the being uploaded to a data hub. The power of that hub started to fail and Alterra did not want to assist. Robin however becomes the new storage medium as Al-An uploads themselves into her head when she tries to help. This resists in the two talking and coming to the agreement that Robin will help Al-An make a new vessel. Which is what I’m going to be sharing details on where to find and build in this post.


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Subnautica Below Zero: Where Are Each Biome Located?

Similar to the previous game, Subnautica Below Zero has numerous biomes that are very easy to get turned around in or locate. Mainly due to the fact it’s extremely easy to get lost. Or they are layered in such a way that you might miss something all together. So, to make it a little easier on you and myself since I like to go back and reference these, here is where all of the biomes are located in Sector Zero.

My Favorite Video Games of the Past Decade (2010s)

Since the decade is coming to a close and I’ve played a lot of video games in the last ten years, I thought I’d go down my list of favorite games that came out in the last decade or that I heavily played during that time period. These are not in order, as I enjoy these all for different reasons.

Subnautica: Below Zero – Sea Truck

Subnautica: Below Zero just did a new update for the game called the Sea Truck Update. Which as the title suggests brings you the new underwater vehicle of the sea truck. Which is as far as I’m aware the replacement of the Sea Moth in Below Zero. However, using cheats you can still get all of the vehicles of the first game in Below Zero. One thing I really enjoy about the sea truck is the ability to customize it with the use of modules.

Subnautica: Below Zero Overview & First Impression

The follow up game to Subnautica takes place after the events of the first game. It’s currently in early access and the game/story is still a work in progress. So there are quite a few bugs, issues, and missing features. But you can still get a good feel for the game and I’ve played through what is considered stable by the developers. So I thought I would just share a brief overview of the game as well as my first impressions on it.