Tanya Burr Lipstick Review – Birthday Cake & Happily Ever After

I have enjoyed Tanya Burr Cosmetics products for a while. Her lip glosses are my all time favorite formula and I’m almost always wearing one of her nail polishes especially New York Night. So when I finally saw two of her lipsticks come back into stock I wanted to give it a try before getting the full collection of lipsticks. Especially since I have to have them shipped internationally and I wanted to make sure I really loved it. So the two shades I was able to get a hold of were Birthday Cake and Happily Ever After. And I’ve been trying this formula for a few months, so I believe I have a good idea about these lipsticks at this point.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Nail Polish Review

Like a lot of other bloggers, I used to use Essie Nail Polish all the time. It was the only nail polish in my collection. In August 2016, I decided to switch to only using cruelty-free makeup, which Essie is not. So I started looking around for something new to replace it that I loved just as much but wasn’t having much luck. Either the pigmentation was crap or chipped off like nobody’s business. Then during Christmas I got Tanya Burr’s 12 Days of Christmas where I got three of her nail polishes. And I loved the quality of them, so I decided to order all the other ones that were available through FeelUnique, I think that was all but one of the polishes. I have worn the polishes every week since I got them. They dry done quickly without looking patchy, the color is true to what’s in the bottle, and it lasts a little over a week before I see any significant wear.


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FeelUnique Haul: Zoella Beauty and Tanya Burr Cosmetics

I have had many items from each of these lines in my wishlist for ages and held off either because things were out of stock when I finally got around to ordering them or decided to wait until the next addition/line launched. And there are still a bunch more that I want to get, but as in the first case items are out of stock. One item I know for Tanya Burr will not be available for quite some time, as they are awaiting on materials to produce more. And there are others from her Fall 2016 Collection that are out of stock, so I’ll be getting those in the future. For Zoella, there is for sure one item that is a set of her four perfumes, but unfortunately they don’t ship those to the United States.

Pink Makeup Routine

So this is a new little mini series that I will be doing the next few months. And that’s going over different looks I enjoy doing based off a specific color. Now I don’t do all of these every day as I tend to go with nude or natural makeup for my work days, but I do love mix it up every now and then with different colors. So I thought I would start this series out with pink. Many so I can use the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette to create a look. Especially so I could smell the chocolately goodness of this palette.

Pink for Spring Makeup Tutorial

I haven’t done a proper makeup tutorial for a while and I thought with the season changing to Spring, I would create one of my favorite looks for the season which is everything pink or taupe. I decided to try something different though which is a show and tell version of a makeup tutorial which I saw Zoella do on her YouTube Channel. And thought it would work better then forgetting to mention half the…