Mermaid Makeup Look

Here is a look I did today. Joined some other streamers (Foxtail, Cassii, and Louise also known as Bunny) over on Twitch for a community event we’re calling Caturday. Where we each dress up to a specific theme then share the hype from one stream to the next. You should totally check them out as they are A-MAE-ZING! Absolute sweethearts that I love talking to regularly.

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette Review/Swatches

I’m not into the whole unicorn trend but I really wanted this palette as I thought it was perfect for spring as it has a lot of glittery colorful shadows that pair so nicely together. I was going to do a Tarte One Brand tutorial with this palette and other Tarte products that I have, but my voice is still gone so that will have to happen sometime in the future. Plus I need to get other products as well before I do that since I don’t have quite a few things. But enough about things that aren’t happening now but in the future, and get onto the review and swatches!


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