From Stained to Sparkling: Smile Brilliant Home Teeth Whitening | AD

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Smile Brilliant. While this post was not paid for, I did receive the product to try for free. This year, I have been focusing a lot on getting my health back in order and changing my lifestyle up to give myself a bit of a confidence boost after the past two years of just letting myself go. I cut out almost all sugar, go for a walk…

Whitening Teeth with Charcoal

I’ve never been one who cared a whole lot about my teeth from the time I was told I had to brush every night. I hated it, I disliked being forced to brush my teeth. And though I did it, I never did it to the full extent I probably should have. This has led to cavities this past year as well as discoloration on my teeth. Mainly due to the high pop, coffee, and tea consummation I have. I’ve been trying to cut back on that as my opinion has changed over my teeth. Before I wasn’t bothered by the stains and slight yellow tint. But since March after getting a lot of my teeth filled in with resins since the cavities were more intense than a normal filling. I decided enough was enough. I was going to change my attitude so I didn’t have to do that again. So I got whitening strips and whitening toothpaste, but saw no result. Then I saw several pins on Pinterest about whitening your teeth with active toothpaste. And I decided I would give it a go, half expecting it not to work. As many Pinterest things end up being.


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