How Getting a Dog Changed My Life & Made Me a Better Person

I have been a massive dog lover all of my life. Hell my first words were dog and I didn’t stop repeating that word until my parents got me one. Granted it was the family dog and followed my mom around like a shadow. And I will always advocate for big dogs, they make excellent pillows to rest on or a shoulder to cry on if you need one. Now if you’ve been reading my blog for a few years, or even just a little while you’ll know I do not have a big dog. I have a rather small dog named Pixie who is going to be five this year. And ever since getting my own dog, I have such a better appreciation for them then I ever did before. Not that my first dog, Sadie, wasn’t amazing. She was my absolute best friend but she wasn’t mine at the end of the day. So these are all of the things that I’ve noticed since I got Pixie Bug and just general things about dogs.

Self-Medicating Bipolar Disorder

I really wanted to talk about mental disorders and mental illness today, specifically Bipolar Disorder, and how I cope or treat my symptoms. As this is something I often get questions about, as people who have been reading my blog for a long time since before when it was on Tumblr, know that I do not take medication to treat my mental disorder. Some of these questions include: why did you decide to be self-medicated, what do you do to help maintain your moods without medication, etc.?


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