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It’s Mae Polzine! I started this blog back in 2015 to be a place where I could be creative and share things that I love. So, I post a variety of things. I stream a variety of things (gaming, body paint, art, etc.) on Twitch multiple times a week, with stream highlights and all VODs posted on my YouTube Channel.

Lastly, join our Discord to chat with other pack members. We have a great and supportive community over there. I love talking with everyone in Discord as it’s a great way to connect. Also, I offer Twitch emotes, sub badges, and moreover on my shop page as well as my own merch.

20 Cures for a Bad Day

Some days despite all our attempts to be happy and positive, we just have a day that seems to drag us through the mud. It’s just part of life… or for me, dealing with bipolar disorder. Some days it just really wants to test you. Lately I’ve been dealing with another depressive episode that has been one of the worst I’ve had in many years. And after many years of trying to figure out how to cope and manage these episodes, I’ve came up with a few things that I can do that will help put myself into a better mood and have a more positive note in my day.

Removing Negativity From Your Life

Negativity seems to be everywhere these days… especially on social media. And it’s not a new thing. It’s always been there, but it seems to be way more common or louder than it was before. It may be because some people just want to cause drama by dragging people through the mud for no reason at all. We are all imperfect and have handled what life sent us differently, so why spread hate when spending your energy and time doing something positive is so much better.


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Tips for Blogging with a Full Time Job

I have been working full time for many years at this point, and at one point when I used to even work two jobs (one full time and one part time). And have more or less in that time period been posting blog posts every day. So I can’t spend every moment of the day writing, editing, tweeting, photographing, and other aspects that go along with running a blog. As I’m out of the house for eleven hours, with traffic and working. I don’t have a lot of time to solely dedicate to my blog as I would want. Plus I am also working on a bunch of projects, so that just adds even more to the time constraints. Don’t get me wrong, I love always been busy but it leaves me with very little time left over to play video games for my gaming channel or working on the blog. But there is a trick to blogging to make sure you never fall off schedule, when you don’t have time on your side.

So You Want to Start a Blog, Where Do You Begin?

It’s been about three years since I started blogging, and I didn’t look up any do’s or don’ts when I started. And a lot of people find starting a blog to be difficult, but it’s so worth while as it’s your own little corner of the internet where you can do whatever you want. I never would’ve imagined everything that’s happened since I started this blog and I want to give back by giving some friendly advertise for anyone who wants to start a blog of their own.

Staying Motivated This Holiday Season

This year especially I’m finding it a little hard to get into the holiday mood. Maybe it’s because I particularly got forced out of my place and still have to pay for it while living in a small storage room at my mom’s house. And I know I’m not the only one that struggles during the holiday season. From not getting along with family/relatives to seasonal depression. So here are just a few things you can do to stay motivated during the holiday season.

Oxygen Not Included: Beginner’s Guide

I love mindless games. They are the perfect thing to just throw on and play for a few hours without taking up a lot of brain power. Which is perfect for after a long day of work. One of the game I would slot into this category is Oxygen Not Included. And yes there is some strategy that has to go into the game in order to build a sustainable colony. Especially when it comes to oxygen, sanity, temperature, and resources. So here is a very basic beginner’s guide on how to set up your colony for success.