Tips to Going Minimalistic

Something that I’ve been wanting to do for the past few weeks is going more minimalist. Now I’m not a master at it but I do have some tips or guidelines that I’ve been following for changing my lifestyle in case you’ve ever been interested in minimalism.

Stock Photos: How to Create Your Own

During my first year of blogging daily, I used stock photos for a good handful of blog posts that were in the lifestyle or blogging category. It was helpful for saving time and the stress of trying to figure out how to create a photo for that type of post. But at this point, on my second year I want to stop using ones created by others and create one of my own. And some of these will be available in the shop section, if there is one that you think I should create for in there just let me know and I can create a pack. I feel like stock photos are a great option for bloggers as they can be flexible for the blog posts you are creating. These are the general tips that I use when creating stock photos.


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Editorial Calendar: Tips for Making One That Works for You

One thing I didn’t think I needed when I first started blogging was making an editorial calendar, but after a while I thought I would give it a try. And that helped me so much with making sure things got done on time as well as help me come up with new ideas so I don’t hit a slump. This also just makes blogging so streamlined and less stressful. I am actually going to be returning to daily blogging later this month if not next month as I miss writing seven posts a week. Plus I feel so weird having nothing going up on the weekends. So using an editorial calendar is very important and I’m glad I started using one. Here are just a few tips when you’re creating one for yourself!

SEO Tips for Bloggers: How to Use to Bring in Traffic

One thing that I’m often unsure about, or think I don’t understand, is SEO. But I do know it well enough and it is extremely important to blogs. If you want to have people be able to find your blog or website, you need to know how to get your posts to show up in search engines.

Running Out of Ideas: Tips for Writer’s Block

The post is inspired by Abbie Burgess from The Pink Paperdoll and her session that was part of Minnesota Blogger Conference. As after daily blogging for almost the past year this is definitely something that has been coming up more often. Those questions of: What do I write about next? What’s something different that I haven’t done before? Is this something I honestly want to publish on the blog? And sometimes you don’t have answers to those questions. You’re just left staring at a wall trying to figure out how to move past it. So inspired by Abbie Burgess, I wanted to share a few tips that I have to help get over, around, or under that wall so you can keep going. And some of these are ones that she mentioned in the session as they are things I’ve found help me whenever I deal with writer’s block.

Blog Posts That Generate Traffic

As I have been blogging regularly for a little another a year now, I wanted to start sharing some of the things that I’ve learned over that time period. So what better than to start with: types of blog posts that typically generate traffic. Now what may have worked for my blog may not work for yours but it’s definitely a place to start.