5 Tips for Treating a Bad Sunburn

Warped Tour was a lot of fun but I definitely got sunburned pretty badly. And in summer in general you can end up with a bad burn no matter how much you try to prevent it. Especially if you’re fair skinned and hardly go in the sun. I’m not a skin expert but these are some tips I’ve learned over the years to help heal after you get burnt.

Pixie Turns Three Years Old

My little baby is growing up, today is her three year old puppy that I’ve had since she was twelve weeks old. Pixie Bug Jackie Young is her official full name or PBJ for short. Her mother was a rescue in Tennessee that was abandoned in a railroad car where she was found to be pregnant by a rescue group. Now no one believes this, but her mother was a fawn colored Welsh Corgi. We believe her father was a Jack Russel Terrier or a Rat Terrier, hence the nickname Jackie, and her very terrier like appearance. She had six brothers and sisters that were all adopted through the same foster home where they were born. We originally were going to adopt her sister Romana, but after meeting half of her siblings ended up driving home with Susie as she was called at the time.


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Tips for Managing a Budget

So since moving out and graduating college, I have to pay a lot of big bills including two giant student loans. So having a budget and sticking to it is severely needed or I will not be able to pay my bills or save up for unforeseen events in the future. These are the tips I live by when managing a budget.

Tips for Battling Anxiety and Panic Attacks

On an almost monthly basis, I become overwhelmed with anxiety or encounter panic attacks. Mainly because I automatically bottle up all emotions until they reach a breaking point, often without realizing that I’m doing that in the first place. And these attacks can be crippling taking away complete focus or time away from other things I need to be doing like work, everyday life, or activities. And it’s really hard to snap out of them and resume what I was doing previously. I am by no means a subject matter expert in this area but I have learned quite a few things to help when these attacks come on. And just dealing with anxiety in general. Which I thought would be helpful to share.

Dog Etiquette: Proper Greeting and Introducing Dogs to Other Animals

As I’ve moved in with two of my best friends. One thing we had to do was get all the animals to meet each other. As well as the dogs haven’t met each of us. So I thought today would be a perfect day to chat about that on the blog. My dog, Pixie, is a very timid and not always the most friendliest of dogs when we first introduce her to others. Either she’s barking or growling at people, or in defensive attack mode towards other dogs especially dogs smaller than her. And cats are a thing she’s never met. So introducing Pixie to Kiki (Cairn Terrier) owned by Harley (yes, I formerly called her Kiki in this blog but figured that would be confusing now that I’m living with both so she will now be known as Harley after Harley Quinn) and Toulouse (Tabby Cat) owned by Ariel was going to be a challenge.

5 Tips for Working From Home

Working from home is something that so many people dream of doing, it’s something I know I wish to be able to do on a regular basis in the future. It’s becoming the norm to start up businesses and be your own boss, whether you’re a blogger, work-at-home parent, or small business owner. The tricky thing about working from home is that there has to be an intentional balance between work and play, or you can…