Makeup Launches That Didn’t Go Over Well

Brands release new products all of the time, and sometimes they don’t go over so well. Other times they go down in flames, which is what we’re focusing on today. This is not anything against the brands as I do enjoy a fair amount of these brands and some of the products I’m mentioning in the post I don’t have problems with personally.

Battle of the Mascaras

Since switching to be completely cruelty-free with my makeup, the one thing I’ve struggled the most with was mascara. As I LOVED Benefit Roller Lash mascara and didn’t want to give it up. I ended up giving away my full size mascara to my sister and keeping a sample size around while I tried to find something else that I enjoyed just as much. So I’ve been trying a lot of new mascaras trying to find something just right.


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Steampunk Makeup Inspired by Glam & Gore

Last night it was actually storming in Minnesota and my hair/lips were giving me serious steampunk vibes. And not just steampunk in general, but an industrial steampunk FX look I saw Mykie from Glam & Gore do last month. Now I didn’t really have the materials or time to do the full FX look but I did have enough materials and time to do the glam version of the look using a pair of Psychonauts Goggles that I got in February’s Loot Gaming box.

Makeup Revolution Dupe Products for Too Faced

As much as I love luxury and high end products, a lot of these products can be easily duped by drugstore brands. One brand in particular is a popular “dupe/copy” brand of luxury products that is sold in Ulta. That being Makeup Revolution, which is a cruelty free and they have several products that are dupes of other brands. The ones I’m focusing on today are the products that are dupes for Too Faced’s products for a fraction of the cost. Now I don’t have all the products from Too Faced to compare these against, because I don’t have enough money to go and buy everything from Too Faced just to compare the two. But packaging, name, and shades are so spot on that’s I can say without a doubt that these are dupes. I do have the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, but cannot wear this product due to my skin deciding that I’m allergy to wearing products that contain chocolate. Which is the main reason I decided to do this post/purchase these products because I love the shades of the chocolate palette from Too Faced but I can’t wear it without feeling the need to scratch my eyes off after a few minutes.

Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Collection

This collection got me so curious because you don’t see makeup brands collaborating a lot to create things together. You see them collaborating with makeup artists, bloggers, and YouTubers all the time. But not each other. So seeing Too Faced and Kat Von D do this is so cool. Especially because I normally put them in different categories. Too Faced calls to the girly side with the pink and pretty style, while Kat Von D resigns in the bold and edgy beauty. Which is not anything bad about either brand, it’s just their unique style. So seeing something together from them is so cool!

Pink Makeup Routine

So this is a new little mini series that I will be doing the next few months. And that’s going over different looks I enjoy doing based off a specific color. Now I don’t do all of these every day as I tend to go with nude or natural makeup for my work days, but I do love mix it up every now and then with different colors. So I thought I would start this series out with pink. Many so I can use the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette to create a look. Especially so I could smell the chocolately goodness of this palette.