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6 Exterior Trends to Embrace in 2018

Every year comes with a slew of fresh and exciting ideas on how to re-imagine the exterior of your home. While some trends come as fast as they go, others capture the timeless charm and have much more longevity to them. Also, we have noticed that some prominent trends that have been stealing the show in interior design are now coming to the forefront of the exterior realm.

8 Standout Kitchen Trends to Watch out for in 2018

A gorgeous kitchen is the pride of every home. It is also the place where families love spending time together, and where, oftentimes, a lot of our fondest memories are created. Here are the most exciting kitchen design trends for next year.


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Bathroom Trends You Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

Every year brings something new when it comes to bathroom trends and 2018 really has so much to offer. From luxurious classic bathrooms to interesting materials, tiles and even introduction of electronics, this year really has something for everyone. So, no matter if you’re a gadget freak that’s obsessed with modernity or a romantic at heart that leans more towards the warmth of classicism, take a look at what’s new in the world of bathroom trends in 2018.

History of the Trend: Kawaii

For the next history of the trend, I’m going to another sub-culture much like the punk one I did a few weeks ago. As you can read from the title, I’m going to focus on Kawaii sub-culture. I remember first seeing this when I was in Junior High School (2000s) but never really got into it as I went more down the punk/emo direction. And still sort of live in that realm fashion wise. But I do enjoy looking at Kawaii fashion, it’s just doesn’t match my personality.

History of the Trend: Holographic

Holographic products are nothing knew but I swear it’s seriously changed recently all thanks to SimplyNailogical who has basically coined the term “Holosexual.” Every time I see holographic anything, I instantly think of her YouTube channel. If you don’t know what holographic is, here is the definition: “A illuminescent pattern that diffuses light in rainbow patterns.” And many clothing and beauty company use this in various ways. From just the packaging to the entire product. Some products also claim to be holographic and are not. They do not have the entire shift of the rainbow but have a duo-tone shift instead.

History of the Trend: Punk

I’m including this in my History of the Trend series, but honestly this is more of a subculture. And I’m going to do a few more subcultures in my “History of the Trend’ series because I feel like it just fits in. As I remember Punk being a “trend” when I was in Junior/Senior High school, at least for fashion. And I wanted to be part of this in the worst way, but my mom wouldn’t let me. So at the moment I’m kind of trying to live out my dreams of years past with the red hair as it’s something I always wanted growing up.