My Favorite Songs from Steven Universe

One of my favorite animated shows in the recent years has been Steven Universe. Even though it has a more cute, charming aesthetic this show can cover some dark topics like abuse, war, and death. Intertwined in the show are musical numbers that more on one occasion are Steven’s solution to problems. Or serve for character development. So, I thought I would share some of my favorites that came out of this show along with the movie.

The Pop Culture Download #22: The Witcher, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina & More

This week has been binge watching shows on Netflix and catching up on another on CW, but I’m going to hold all thoughts on that one until the season is over. So, let’s dive into what I ended up watching and finishing in the last week.


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The Pop Culture Download #20: The Mandalorian

For this week’s Pop Culture Download we’re just going to be focused on The Mandalorian as its the only new thing I’ve watched since the rest has consisted of watching the classic Disney movies on Disney+. Plus, I watched it twice so it gets it’s own dedicated post.

The Pop Culture Download #14: American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Fallen, and Ghosts of the Shadow Market

It’s been two weeks since I posted one of these, and honestly with work I haven’t had much time for shows, movies, and games but I did manage to watch the entire eighth season of American Horror Story as well as watch a movie called Fallen. Plus, there are a few other random items here and there so let’s jump into my thoughts on these items.

The Pop Culture Download #12: Clockwork Angel & Disney

For the past week I have not been feeling well, so I skipped on blogging to focus on getting better. Not that it actually helped much considering I was still on my computer technically writing and playing video games. I also have watched a lot of shows and read quite a bit, so let’s go over the new items that I’ve discovered or enjoyed this week.

The Pop Culture Download #8: The Society, The Royals, and More

I’m half tempted to rename these from “My Week Through Reading, Music, and More” to “The Pop Culture Download.” Since that’s really more of what these are. Let me know what you think in the comments. Anyways, here’s everything that I’ve been enjoying for the past week.