The Pop Culture Download #17: The Sims 4 Discover University

The major thing that I’ve done this week is play the latest expansion pack of The Sims 4, so I’m just going to go into the latest pack and all of it’s details since I’ve been playing it since it was released on Friday. And I don’t have anything else I really wanted to go over in this week’s Pop Culture Download.

12 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known Before College

Freshman year of college is fun and exciting. You’re finally away from home and completely on your own. It might seem like a scary thought at first to some while thrilling to others. I was a mixture of both when I went away for college. I went several states away where I didn’t actually have cell service my entire time being there but I loved it as I was on my own having the adventure I always wanted. Sure there are some things that I would’ve changed if I were to do it all over again, but I regret none of it. So here are a few things I do wish I had known going into college.


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Fear of the Unknown

Hello Everybody, So this has been on my chest for a few weeks now but with some recent discoveries it’s kind of made some things more clear. And that is my major and what I want to accomplish with my degree. Now I already have an Associate’s Degree but my dream is to have a Bachelor’s Degree. So when the quarter end there was this fantasy idea of cyber-security, but after joining the program and…

Why I Would Never Change Joining Alpha Omicron Pi

Hey Everybody, I thought I would do a light-hearted post today as the start of the school year comes around. About four years ago, I went away for college for the first time and found myself joining Alpha Omicron Pi during fall recruitment. Unlike the movies there are horror stories during recruitment or rush week. Which was amazing, but to be honest I never even thought it would happen when I walked through the doors…

Hard Life Decisions

So four months ago, I went back to college after four months off to continue on with my Bachelor track. But during that time, I got promoted at work and took on more responsibility. After this that meant a lot more time, then I had originally planned to dedicate for homework, was being used up. In turn, my schoolwork has become overwhelming because there’s not enough time in the day unless I want to cut…