Eyeshadow Palettes I Said Goodbye to During the Move

When I moved to my new apartment, one thing that I had to address was my eyeshadow palettes. Over the last year or so, I went overboard with getting palettes. A lot of them I have not reviewed or I’ve only reached for once or twice due to the amount of palettes I have gathered. And when I moved, I found I didn’t really have a spot for all of them. I was considering just leaving them on top of my new little beauty space but in the end decided to put them in the top drawer of my dresser. And while I had already gotten rid of a bunch (mostly expired ones) before the move, there were more I needed to say goodbye to. So I thought I would just go over some of the ones I donated, gave away, or tossed out during my most recent move.

If I Could Only Choose One of Each Product…

I don’t know why but I realized most products I use I get fixated on one product over that category then never try anything else. Then there are others where I have a massive range of products that I reach for or rotate rather than having favorites. So I wanted to challenge myself to actually just say if I could only have one, which product would I choose to leave with. I had a hard time with some categories but I’m pretty pleased with the results.


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Makeup Battle: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden vs Makeup Revolution Cut Crease Canvas Eyeshadow Base in Illustrate

I have been using Urban Decay Primer Potion for AGES as a base for my eyeshadow, which makes my eyeshadow last all day long without any noticeable wear or weird creasing. Recently Makeup Revolution has been killing it with launches to the point where they don’t really seem like dupes anymore. I mean there are still a good amount of products that are recreations but I don’t know what their cut crease eyeshadow base is supposed to be the dupe of. So I thought I would battle out the products to see which one is better or more worth it. As much as I love the primer potion, I’m not made of money so if I can save a buck and get the same result sometimes I will go for it.

Is Urban Decay Brow Blade Worth the Hype?

One product that has been mentioned almost everywhere since release is the Urban Decay Brow Blade. This product has two sides, one is a waterproof pencil while the other is a fine brush tip to help give that microblading appearance to your brows. I’ve never really had the best luck with pencil brow products except for the Milani Brow Pomade as they were all too hard and ended up pulling out my brow hairs rather than depositing any product. So I was a little cautious about trying this product, but both of my brow pencils ran out and one of my brow pomades dried up without hope of revival. So I thought I would give this product a shot since so many people were raving about it.

Comparing My Neutral Palettes, Which Ones are Extremely Similar?

Out of my collection there are seventeen palettes that are neutral, maybe a few more give or take. I thought I would pull them out of my collection and just compare them to each other. To determine if any of them are insanely similar to one another, or see how many of the shades appear to be identical. Any palette that were more color than neutral (various shades of brown) were discarded for this comparison. I’m going to be swatching each shade that appears similar next to each other to the comparison.

My 5 Favorite Mid-Range to Luxury Palettes

Over on YouTube the other week I shared everything that’s in my collection, and it’s probably not going to grow much from this point since it’s full and I’ve put myself on a low buy. Meaning I need to evaluate things more and just get through my collection before adding something new. So today I thought I would just go through what my all time favorite palettes are that range from $25 – $50 in price. Or the mid-range to luxury palettes that I own.