Having the Perfect Winter Lip

Since the snow has fallen in Minnesota, it’s winter! So it’s time to put away the light shades and start putting on the reds, wines, and dark orange lipsticks. I wear these colors every single day once the leaves start falling but felt it was time to write a post about the shades I’ve been loving. And this in no way is all the shades I wear during the season, but some of my favorites.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches & Review

So one brand I really have been wanting to try the lipstick of is Urban Decay. Now their Vice collection has 100 shades, but there is no way at this point in my life I can afford to buy all 100 shades at $17 a bullet. But for the holiday season, they did release a stock pile of 30 shades for $325. Which makes each bullet around $10. And that’s a lot more do-able in a quick one time purchase. Though I’m positive I’ll probably work my way until I have all 100 shades. As I LOVE lipstick. And yes that might be a bit much for some people, but I honestly would aim to wearing a different shade every day. Including the black, white, and blue. But those were not included in the stockpile.


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Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

So recently I’ve been on a color kick for makeup, I typically was only dipping into neutrals and bronze shades, but the thought of a gorgeous blue or yellow on the lids sounds so appealing. And I love Urban Decay Naked palettes so when I heard they were bringing back on this palette that I was over the moon. So the second I saw it released on Ulta, I purchased it online so there would be no chance that I would miss it.

Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Continuing on with my makeup routines/get ready with me this is how I typically do a smokey eye. I was trying something different in the video where I did only music instead of voice over. Not sure what I think of it at the moment, so please let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear them!

Makeup Techniques – Strobing

There are a lot of beauty trends, and they don’t all last. And some for good reason. But I feel like strobing is one that is going to sticky around for a while. You may be wondering what strobing is… in short it is a technique that’s opposite of contouring. You focus on the high points of the face rather than the shadows. This can be accomplished using highlighting products on your cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, middle of the forehead, middle of chin, and cupid’s bow. Leaving you with a dewy glow and no harsh shadows.

Urban Decay Afterhour Highlighter in Aura and Sin – Swatch and Review

These were released in the summer 2016 collection for Urban Decay. I recently become obsessed with highlights so when I saw these I wanted to get my hands on it. As the packaging is stunning with the Urban Decay logo on the front with criss cross design underneath. There are three shades available and I managed to get two of them in the shades as the third one was too dark for my skin tone. As that looked more like a blush then a highlighter.