Book Series I Never Finished Reading

Recently I decided to go through my bookshelves and get rid of some books I would never end up reading or would never re-read. Mainly to make room for books I actually enjoy or want to read. A lot of these I’ve had for ten years or more, so they’ve either gotten a lot of love or never got love. This gave me inspiration for going over some book series that I never finished reading for one reason or another. Some of these I still have the books of while others I do not.

90’s Book Tag (Music Edition)

I was not tagged to do this, but I saw it on Ellie’s blog Read to Ramble, and I really wanted to do it myself. One, as I was born in the 90’s. Two, quarantine has unleashed my book addiction and has temporarily replaced my video game and makeup addicted self as you can probably tell from the change in direction of my blog lately. This tag was created by Jemma from What Reading Does and Milly from A Books Neverland. Now, onto this tag!


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Book Series I Loved But Never Re-Read

I thought it was only right after discussing the book series that I frequently return to, that I mention the ones that I loved reading but never re-read. There’s no reason why I didn’t for any of these. And all of these I have kept the books in my personal library through many moves even though I haven’t touched some of these series in years.