Life Lately | November 2018

Another month down and one left in 2018. This month has been as packed as the rest this fall and going into the winter my schedule is about to get worse. I don’t think starting next year I will be doing these life lately posts anymore. And the number of blog posts I put out are going to be a lot less at least for the first two months while I’m doing a major project for work.

Life Lately | September 2018

Is it really fall? Finally! I was getting so sick of summer. It’s been so hot that you couldn’t really do anything anymore. But now that’s it’s fall, I’m so excited to just enjoy the outdoors again. Also only one more month until Halloween, my favorite season ever!


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Life Lately | July 2018

This week started out with Pixie’s fifth birthday, it’s insane to think my little puppy is half way through her life or so. Which I’m kind of sad about, but she’s my best friend so it was fun to celebrate her birthday. She got to have full run of the plush toy drawer that belongs to Winnie, which was something she really loved. I also gave her a spoonful of peanut butter with her favorite treat in the middle. Which is had a lot of fun with since the peanut butter was cold from being in the fridge beforehand. And it was a little hot outside so I’m sure that made it even better.

My Week in Review

This last week, I’ve been touring various apartments both in downtown Minneapolis and out in the suburbs. And I grew up out of the city in the suburbs… and it’s going to stay like that. For several reasons: More apartment for less money. More utilities are covered, somehow I can’t find that downtown but can out in the suburbs. Downtown none of them are but out of the city, almost all of them are. Strange,…

My Week in Review

This last weekend I babysat my cousins two daughters. Now I didn’t spend any of my teenage years babysitting like most people. There were no kids in my neighborhood, all my cousins may be older but they were in college, and my mom’s friends didn’t have kids. So there was no one to babysit and back then there wasn’t an online site to offer your services. Now I took the course back then but I just never did anything with that certificate. So babysitting is a bit new to me. I’ve babysat one of girls before when she was one and a half… but never two. So this past weekend was a first. One of them is three and a half & the other is one and a few months. It was a lot of fun but my goodness are they a handful especially at bedtime. One had a cold and was teething so she was not happy about bed time, while the other was missing her parents and couldn’t sleep with her sister crying in the other room. Luckily, we managed to get them to fall asleep.

Independence Week in Review

Over the past week was the Fourth of July, and I had just Wednesday (the fourth) off from work which was such a weird break in the work week for this. But that just happens to be the day Independence Day fell on.