A Bad Day For Mae

There is something about a stressful day at work that leave you completely on edge. I had one of those days yesterday.

How to Determine and Recover From Work Burnout

We all start out going into careers or stumbling across a career bright eyed and bushy tailed. We went to school and college for years followed by internships, to finally get into our “dream” job only to face utter burn out later on. If you have a stress driven job, or become an workaholic. And yes, for a time you will pride yourself in it but at some point you just can’t handle doing that anymore, whether emotionally, physically, or mentally. As this lifestyle of stressing about job performance and every detail even after you leave work for the day is not sustainable. 


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Life Lately | May 2016

So beginning of May I spent the mass majority moving into my new townhouse with my best friends, Kiki and Ariel. We didn’t have internet for the first few weeks, which was fine for the most part as that might I didn’t have a reason not to unpack everything and finish reading books that had been sitting on my end table for months because I was always doing something else either for the blog, YouTube, or just playing video games. And yes, because there was no internet I couldn’t get access to any of my video games as both Origin and Steam needed updates before I could play anything. Therefore, I had to forego my after work stress relief of playing one of my games. As well as not recording any games for my gaming channel. And I can tell my stress level increased without the internet. And my phone ran out of data in the first week when I was trying to watch videos on YouTube.

5 Tips for Working From Home

Working from home is something that so many people dream of doing, it’s something I know I wish to be able to do on a regular basis in the future. It’s becoming the norm to start up businesses and be your own boss, whether you’re a blogger, work-at-home parent, or small business owner. The tricky thing about working from home is that there has to be an intentional balance between work and play, or you can…

Life Lately | February 2016

Today, I thought I would do a personal blog post about all the things that are going on in my life. As it’s been exciting and hectic all at the same time. On top of being very stressful. So this blog is going to be a little chatty. I’m going to break down everything by sections in my life though they all revolve around each other. Church Life We’ve been attending the young adults group…

Life Lately | December 2015

Hi everybody, Life has been interesting lately and I thought I would take a day break in Christmas/holiday/seasonal posts to talk about what’s been going on. I do hope that you have been enjoying blogmas. I think I may try to keep up the almost daily posts when it’s over as I’ve enjoyed it that much. If not, I’ll definitely be doing posts every Tuesday and Thursday.  Let me know what you guys think, as…