My Honest Thoughts on Zoe Sugg’s Book Called Cordially Invited

I don’t typically do book reviews, I leave that to the book bloggers. But this one I just had to share my thoughts on. I used to watch PointlessBlog and Zoella’s videos on YouTube all of the time until this year. When Alfie Deyes posted a video about going an entire day without spending a pound but ended up getting tons of free things, complaining about not being able to have filtered water, and doing shopping anyways. It kind of pissed me off. And I stopped watching both of their videos as they just didn’t seem to be in the real world anymore so it just wasn’t something I wanted to spend my time on anymore. Before that all happened Zoe Sugg announced she was going to be releasing a book called Cordially Invited, and I pre-ordered a copy as it sounded like something I wanted to read about. That being how to host a party, something I wanted to getting good at especially since I’m starting to get out of the college/broke time in my life (I think, fingers crossed) and I wanted to get some tips on how to host adult parties. Something I see Zoe throw a lot and they always look incredible and Instagram worthy. So I wanted to learn how to do something similar myself.

Style Inspiration: Zoella/Zoë Sugg

One of my biggest fashion/style inspirations at the moment would have to be Zoella or Zoë Sugg as she has such a retro or airy feel to her style. Which is perfect for any time of the year. So for this Fashion Friday, I’m going to go into some of my favorite outfits that Zoella has worn that inspire my everyday wardrobe.


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