Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Collection Haul

This is the first time I’ve ordered the entire collection for Zoella Beauty, and that was mainly because of the fact I was ordering beauty products from the UK. Not everything can be shipped, but now it’s available online at Ulta so I got everything… well almost everything. I didn’t get the makeup bag only because I have so many from Ipsy. Other than that this is literally every product in the Jelly & Gelato collection!

FeelUnique Haul: Zoella Beauty and Tanya Burr Cosmetics

I have had many items from each of these lines in my wishlist for ages and held off either because things were out of stock when I finally got around to ordering them or decided to wait until the next addition/line launched. And there are still a bunch more that I want to get, but as in the first case items are out of stock. One item I know for Tanya Burr will not be available for quite some time, as they are awaiting on materials to produce more. And there are others from her Fall 2016 Collection that are out of stock, so I’ll be getting those in the future. For Zoella, there is for sure one item that is a set of her four perfumes, but unfortunately they don’t ship those to the United States.


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