Summer Bucket List 2016

It is summer so there are quite a few things that I want to do for this season. And yes we’re about a month into the season, but it’s not too late to state all the things on my summer bucket list for this year. Some of these I have achieved, but I can always do them multiple times.

Afternoon at Como Zoo & Conservatory

On Saturday, I went to Como Zoo & Conservatory with my roommate Harley. To be 100% honest, we were going to go to the zoo mainly to play Pokemon Go, but my app would not sign me in for more than two minutes so I ended up just enjoying walking around the place. However, almost 75% of the people at the zoo were on Pokemon Go and not really watching where they were going in some places. But that didn’t bother me as it did for other people… as I wanted to join them to see what Pokemon I could get at the zoo. Whenever I did get on, all that there was available is Magmar.


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Adult Night at Minnesota Zoo

So one thing I really wanted to do for my birthday was go to the zoo, but in Minnesota it ends up just being a massive crowd of parents with children to the point where it’s hot, sticky, and you can’t see over them to look at the animals especially when you’re five feet two inches tall. My sister, Lucy, discovered we could go to the zoo when there wasn’t any of that. Minnesota Zoo was offering starting this summer once a month, a time where it’s adults only at the zoo for two and a half hours. So no crowds, no filters, and booze. Sign me up!