Tropical Guide to Weddings: Perfect Destination Ideas

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Who hasn’t fantasized at least once about a romantic beach wedding, somewhere in the middle of ocean, with nothing but golden sand, palm trees and azure water around? Well, your dreams can finally become a reality! If you think that there’s no way you could ever afford to get married on a faraway tropical island, you better think again, as it turns out that organizing a smaller, more intimate destination wedding can cost the same as throwing a grandiose ceremony in your home town. So, if you want to consider consolidating your wedding and honeymoon into one extraordinary event, we recommend choosing one of these marvellous locations:


What is there not to love about the birthplace of reggae music? Jamaica, the Caribbean island nation, makes for a perfect wedding getaway, mostly because of its impeccable environment consisting of colourful coral reefs, limestone forests, riparian woodland and of course, beautiful marine and aquatic ecosystems. The tropical climate is another important factor when it comes to choosing Jamaica for your destination wedding, as it gives you the perfect opportunity to indulge in one of the many offered activities on the island such as horseback riding along the beach, swimming with dolphins or simply enjoying a soothing couples’ massage in a waterfront spa resort.

Dominican Republic

Another Caribbean paradise nation, mostly known for its enchanting beaches, resorts and, believe it or not, golfing. The Dominican Republic is the most visited destination in the Caribbean and with an average temperature of 26°C makes a wonderful choice for a wedding destination. Other than being home to the tallest mountain peak and the largest lake at the lowest elevation, this tropical getaway has rich historical heritage.


Just off the cost of Venezuela lies a small Dutch island by the name of Aruba. Because of its location, but also great European influence, the island perfectly captures a mixture of different cultures and historical backgrounds, making it one diverse cultural location. Unlike most destinations in its proximity, Aruba prides itself with warm, sunny and relatively dry climate, which is why many soon-to-be newlyweds opt for it as their wedding destination. A great percentage of the coast is still untouched by humans, meaning Aruba has a great deal of rugged, unexplored beaches for all those curious souls.


When it comes to tropical wedding ideas, Hawaii are, without a doubt, one of the most popular and favourable destinations for couples looking to get married. And there’s a good reason behind it too. This isolated volcanic archipelago is well-known for its intact nature, rugged landscapes, amazing scenic views but also colourful beaches with gold, black, red and green sand. The 50th state of the United States of America has a 1.210 km long coastline with a variety of beach and waterfront venues reserved for special events and occasions such as weddings.


The largest island in French Polynesia is quite a popular wedding destination, mostly because of its blue lagoons, divine waterfalls and black-sand beaches. With the average temperature being between 21°C and 31°C, Tahiti is quite a favourable destination when it comes to tropical weddings. As it’s quite a popular location, if you’re considering booking it, make sure to start with preparations on time, order your wedding invitation templates and of course – choose your guest list carefully.

The most important day of your life is something you should celebrate with the ones you love the most, in a place that will make you feel as if you’re in paradise. This is the perfect opportunity to visit one of these extraordinary tropical destinations, experience all the natural beauties, and have an amazing story to tell your children when you’re older.

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