Steampunk Makeup Inspired by Glam & Gore

Last night it was actually storming in Minnesota and my hair/lips were giving me serious steampunk vibes. And not just steampunk in general, but an industrial steampunk FX look I saw Mykie from Glam & Gore do last month. Now I didn’t really have the materials or time to do the full FX look but I did have enough materials and time to do the glam version of the look using a pair of Psychonauts Goggles that I got in February’s Loot Gaming box.

Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Continuing on with my makeup routines/get ready with me this is how I typically do a smokey eye. I was trying something different in the video where I did only music instead of voice over. Not sure what I think of it at the moment, so please let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear them!