Dream Daddy A Dad Dating Simulator: Meet the Dads

One of my favorite YouTube channels to watch is Game Grumps. And they recently came out with, helped develop, and voided the characters for a new game called Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. Which is not the first thing I would think of for a video game developed with them, but I love it. The artwork is amazing, the music is incredible, and the writing is not bad. This game costs $15 on Steam and you can date dads, so let’s meet the lucky bachelors you can date as a fellow dad.

The dads as the appear above: Robert (voiced by Dan Avidan), Damien (voiced by Jason Larock), Hugo (voiced by Ray Narvaez), Joseph (voiced by Arin Hanson), Craig (voiced by Nathan Sharp), Mat (voiced by Chris P. Brown), and Brian (voiced by Quizzmaster Quinn). Each of them have their own personality and you can date any of them. So what are each of their personalities/interests?

  • Robert: The bad or mysterious dad on the block. He doesn’t like making small talk, enjoys a good whiskey, and brooding in the woods. He also seems like he’s seen somethings and jokes that he’s only joking if he brings them up.
  • Damien: This is a goth dad on the block. He LOVES the Victorian Era (c. 1837-1901), hanging out in graveyards, and taxidermy.
  • Hugo: This is the teacher dad that loves discussing wine and cheese pairings, going to art galleries and reading books.
  • Joseph: Of the dads in the neighborhood, he is the cool youth minister with the creepy children. He loves baking and grilling as well as anything to do with boats.
  • Craig: He would be the one described as the fitness dad. He coaches softball for his twin daughters, loves to work out, and have brunch with his bros. Oh and he’s also your old college roommate.
  • Mat: He would be the cool dad as he loves to go to concerts, make mixtapes, and works at a coffee shop.
  • Brian: He’s the one-upper or rival dad. He brags about his accomplishments and those of his daughter almost always. He has a wonderful corgi that wears a bandana. And he is always up for a good poker night.

Which dad would you date? I’m leaning towards either Craig, Mat or Hugo. I haven’t decided yet on which I like more.

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