Astroneer Beginner’s Guide

Astroneer is a gorgeous game with a very captivating yet similar color scheme/artwork. I love that the worlds are procedural-generated but also mold like play-doh. Similar to how No-Man Sky in that sense but without the let-down ending of the center of the universe just being a fresh new start game. That and you actually can play with multiple players. There are tons of things to discover on these play-doh planets including satellites, crashed ships, and treasures both above ground and below. They don’t have explanation and don’t really need one.

So here are just some tips that I found to be helpful when I start up a new game.

  • Stations Don’t Transmit Power so build a spine of platforms going out to stations for storage, batteries and solar panels. That way all your stations can get power.
  • Platforms have a limited number of connections so leave a few out as transfer platforms to extend your base and reach. That magically number being four.
  • The black and white blal is a toy, it’s the only in-game item that has no point.
  • Fuel refineries + trade depots = infinite resources.
  • Leave beacons as breadcrumbs as your base icon can disappear behind a horizon if you’re off exploring. So beacons can act as a compass back to your base.
  • Build tethers and solar panels right away as these will help you explore and find resources. Tethers are the bane though as those they are cheap to produce but they also will lower the CPU performance for time. So stretch those babies out as far as possible.
  • Rough order of stations to build: Trade platform, research lab, vehicle bay, and printer. From this point, you can basically do anything you want.

What tips do you have for Astroneer?


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