Dupe for ABH Subculture: Makeup Revolution Reloaded Division Eyeshadow Palette

When the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette was announced, I wanted that palette in the worst way. The shades looked incredible and unique, truly something I did not have anywhere in my makeup collection. Then the palette dropped and everyone rushed to review it leaving the palette as the most hated palette on the internet. They did announce they were going to re-release the palette with a different pressing technique so there wouldn’t be as bad of full out. But the reviews of it’s performance just didn’t leave me with the confidence of wanting to try it. Still I longed for the colors. Then the other day while exploring Ulta, I came across the Makeup Revolution Reloaded Division Eyeshadow Palette which looked like a dupe for the ABH Subculture and I knew I had to try it!

Makeup Revolution is sort of known for creating dupe products of luxury brands, and I’ve tried them before. Especially for brands where I’m allergic to ingredients in their products but still wanted to enjoy the shadows. I got rid of most of the palettes since I was barely reaching for them and generally didn’t see good payoff unless I spent a lot time working with the shadows to make them work for me. So I was curious when I saw this palette, if I would have the same experience or if it would be better.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Division Palette

In the palette you get 15 shadows for $7 with a net weight of 0.58 oz or 16.5 g. Now the packaging is insanely cheap plastic with a clear lid to see into the shadows. So you have to be extremely careful as it will be very prone to break or crack in your makeup collection.

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Division Palette

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Division Palette Swatches

The shadows themselves do have some kick back in the palette and I did notice with a few of the shadows there was some fall out since these are very powdery. However, it wasn’t an ungodly amount like Subculture and I could get the shadows to blend nicely on my lids. Now is it the same pigmentation of Subculture? That I couldn’t tell you the comparison since I did not get that palette but you can build up these shadows to have those rich tones and make something stunning on the lids. So performance wise comparing this palette to what I saw other YouTubers experience with Subculture, this works a lot better. There isn’t any weird oxidation, patchy when applying shadows, or issues with blending shades together. So in those regards, this palette is miles ahead of Subculture and would get a thumbs up from me. Now not comparing it to Subculture, I wouldn’t say this palette has the formula in the world but it can work if you wanted Subculture for the shades but didn’t want it for all it’s backlash.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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