Steven Universe: Who are the Crystal Gems?

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One of my current favorite animations to watch is Steven Universe. Which is made up of gems that are standing against the rest of their race to protect the human race and Earth. This group is made up of several members that all joined the Crystal Gems at various times for various reasons. So let’s go over who each of it’s members are.


The de-facto leader of the group and a fusion Gem who wields a pair of gauntlets, later with brass knuckles added. She joined the Crystal Gems after deciding to stay a permanent fusion and meeting Rose Quartz. She is the brawler of the group, using her gauntlets to inflict destructive attacks. Garnet is a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire.

  • Ruby: A short-tempered Gem who makes up half of Garnet. She wields a maroon gauntlet. Initially a low-level Homeworld Gem soldier, she was to be destroyed for accidentally fusing with Sapphire, but was saved by her and stranded on Earth. She joined the Crystal Gems after deciding to stay permanently fused as Garnet.
  • Sapphire: A calm, yet distant Gem, and the other half of Garnet. Any weapon aside from her future vision has not been seen. Initially a member of Blue Diamond’s court, she defected to protect Ruby and joined the Crystal Gems after deciding to stay permanently fused as Garnet.


The carefree member of the group who wields a one-to-three-tailed whip with morning stars on the end. Unlike the other Crystal Gems (besides Steven, who is also from Earth), Amethyst was made on Earth, in the Prime Kindergarten.


The intellectual and precise member of the group who wields a spear. She and Rose were the first members of the group.

Steven Universe

The half-human and youngest member of the group who has healing saliva, and can summon a pink shield and bubble. He is the son of Rose Quartz, the founder of the Crystal Gems, who gave up her physical form to give birth to him. After growing up in the care of his father, he began living with the Crystal Gems as a member in his adolescence.


The maturing, curious, and stubborn one of the group. She is a natural-born technician and a certified Kindergartner. She was once an enemy to the Crystal Gems, but was officially accepted into the group after disobeying Yellow Diamond in “Message Received”. Unlike the other Crystal Gems, Peridot does not live at the Temple, but rather the Barn. Due to her natural-born skill in engineering and constructing, she is considered to be a technician and engineer of the group like Pearl.


A weaponsmith of the Crystal Gems from the Rebellion era more recently brought to light. Rose showed her she could follow her own wants, but when that included shattering Gems, she and Rose got into a fight, and the latter poofed and bubbled her. She is currently bubbled in the Burning Room due to her battle with Steven over the same issue. As stated by herself, her power is equal to Garnet.

Connie Maheswaran

Steven’s human friend and ally. Connie practices swordsmanship (since “Sworn to the Sword”), because she wants to join Steven, to protect him and preserve his legacy. In “Rocknaldo”, Steven confirms her place as a member of the group.

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