Fun Facts About Pixie and Winnie

I love dogs, I have always loved dogs. In fact “dog” was my very first word and it was what I wished for every year at Christmas until my parents finally caved when I was in Kindergarten and got my first dog named Sadie who was a German Shepherds mix. Probably one of the reasons I love German Shepherds and would love to get another some day. But right now I’m in small townhouse and soon an apartment, so a big German Shepherd isn’t in the cards at the moment. Anyways, I want to share more about the dogs in my life on my blog. If you didn’t know I have an entire page about them in my about section and they have their own Instagram. So today inspired by From Roses, I’m going to be sharing a few fun facts about each of the pack members.

The Sims 4: Recreating my Dogs

Over the weekend the expansion pack for The Sims 4 called Cats & Dogs launched. And you cannot imagine how excited I was for this to launch. Especially when the trailers showed that there was a new profession (vet) and there was a paint wheel. Wish this was available for sims for their hairs. But I can get why they didn’t do this as they would have to undo and recreate literally everything in the Sims. So I can be happy with it only being available for the pets. As I was able to recreate my dogs in the Sims!

Dog Reactive on Leash tips

My mom and sister’s dog Winnie Bear is very dog reactive when she’s on a lease. And we’re positive it’s because she’s terrified of running into another dog when she’s on a lease. She’s great with Pixie, but any dog she sees on a lease she goes into full panic mode. It may not appear that way by her smile or waging tail, but underneath this front she doesn’t know how to handle the situation of running into another dog. And she wasn’t always good about Pixie either, they had to build up a lot of trust before Winnie was fine to be left alone with Pixie. So what do you do when your dog is terrified of other dogs? Especially when trying to take them for a walk.

Life Lately | July 2016

Oh July has been a very interesting month. From being stressed out over my budget, to working and planning a lot of projects, walking everywhere for Pokémon Go, and making sure Pixie Bug and Winnie Bear get along.