NYX Cosmetics Sugar Trip Squad Shadow Palette Review & Swatches

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NYX Sugar Trip Squad Palette 1NYX Sugar Trip Squad Palette 2

NYX Cosmetics for this holiday season appears to have their entire collection focused around candy with many items starting with the name Sugar Trip (though not all). They released several eyeshadow palettes within this collection though they don’t all have the similar packaging. But when I picked up this palette from Ulta, I completely missed that there was a whole collection around this theme. While a few other items did catch my eye looking back at the collection while writing up this post (I was double checking prices to make sure I was accurate as possible like usual), I am not going to be purchasing them as I think my makeup collection is out of hand if I get anything else. I really need to go through what I have unless something comes out that’s massive unique to the rest of the collection like this Sugar Trip Squad Shadow Palette.

This palette contains 12 shades with matte, satin, and glitter finishes. That are all inspired by the sugary theme with colors like hot pink, chartreuse, deep teal, maroon, lilac, and chocolate. Each shade is supposed to have around 0.08 oz of product and can be worn alone or mixed together for your own unique look. The Sugar Trip Squad Shadow Palette cost $22 so breaking down the palette each shade costs around $1.83. Compared to some of their other palettes (In Your Element or Machinist collection), the shades are a better value especially considering you are getting more than double the product in this palette compared to those.

NYX Sugar Trip Squad Palette 4.jpg

Some of the shades are a little more patchy than some of their other palettes mainly the Machinist palettes. I more got this palette for fun pops of colors to add into look instead of to wear everyday. As while I love fun colors, I’m not a huge pastel or rainbow every look when I’m getting ready in the morning.

NYX Sugar Squad Swatches.jpg

Would I recommend this palette over say one of the other NYX palettes I’ve reviewed in the past? No. While it’s fun and cute for the holidays, it’s pretty big and I prefer their Machinist Palettes or Brights Ultimate palette especially if you’re looking for bright colors. As for more palette colors while it’s still available I would rather reach for the NYX In Your Element Air palette.

If you want to see this palette in action, I used it for one of my Halloween tutorials. Check out that video below to see how it performs more in depth.

NYX Sugar Trip Squad Palette 3

What do you guys think?

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