Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Guide to the Elite Four and Champions

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‘Tis time for the Elite Four and Champion battles. The hardest battles in the game usually as it’s the final test of strength with your pokémon team. I normally look up who I’m facing and what pokémon they have then focus on that group the entire game to ensure I will be strong enough to beat it.

This time was no different, with a few exceptions. As I ended up having two starter pokémon on my team. One of which I got through a surprise trade. And then there was another one I threw in that I got in the wild shortly before facing off with the Elite Four, mainly as it was the same strength as my team and had some moves that type matched well. Otherwise, the team was the one I used for the entire gym circuit.

That team was: Meowscarada (Ralsei), Ceruledge (Sir Burns), Pawmot (Tibby), Tinkaton (Bonk), Quaquaval (Quak Sparrow), and Corviknight. They were level 55+ going into the Elite Four. Corviknight, as I said, I caught immediately before the Elite Four while I was traveling there so I hadn’t named it yet nor used it much. There are better pokémon for your team, but it helped me out during the fights.

So, how do face off against the Elite Four and Champions (Geeta and Nemona) and win?

Well, to start with you have to complete an assessment with Rika. If you answer incorrectly you can always try it again. There is one question that is asked twice, you have to answer the same way for both, or you will fail. There are also questions about the gyms, so you just need to match the gym leader with the gym and type. It’s your choice which one you answer. After successfully getting through the assessment you face off against Rika.

Rika of the Elite Four

She specializes in Earth-type pokémon, so water, grass, and ice-type moves are going to be your best bet to get through the battle. Water is the best as Grass is weak to Clodsire’s poison-type moves. The pokémon on her team are:

  • Whiscash – Level 57 – Water/Ground
  • Camerupt – Level 57 – Fire/Ground
  • Dugtrio – Level 57 – Ground
  • Donphan – Level 57 – Ground
  • Clodsire – Level 58 – Poison/Ground

Poppy of the Elite Four

Next, you’re facing Poppy. The youngest member of the Elite Four that specializes in Steel-type pokémon. So, your best choice is going to be a fire-type pokémon. Though ground and fighting are also good. Her pokémon are:

  • Copperajah – Level 58 – Steel
  • Corviknight – Level 58 – Flying/Steel
  • Bronzong – Level 58 – Steel/Psychic
  • Magnezone – Level 58 – Electric/Steel
  • Tinkaton – Level 59 – Fairy/Steel

Larry of the Elite Four

The normal-type gym leader returns with a team of flying-type pokémon. Your best moves are going to be between rock and ice, though electric is also useful. His pokémon are:

  • Tropius – Level 59 – Grass/Flying
  • Staraptor – Level 59 – Normal/Flying
  • Altaria – Level 59 – Dragon/Flying
  • Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style) – Level 59 – Electric/Flying
  • Flamigo – Level 60 – Flying/Fighting

Hassel of the Elite Four

The last member of the Elite Four is the Academy’s art teacher and Dragon master. While dragon is weak to dragon, that can also be a disadvantage. So, I would recommend going with the better options of ice or fairy. His team consists of:

  • Noivern – Level 60 – Flying/Dragon
  • Dragalge – Level 60 – Poison/Dragon
  • Haxorus – Level 60 – Dragon
  • Flapple – Level 60 – Grass/Dragon
  • Baxcalibur – Level 61 – Dragon/Ice

Once you’ve beaten the Elite Four, they will heal you before sending you off to face off against Top Champion Geeta

Top Champion Geeta

Like other Champions in the Pokémon franchise, Geeta does not specialize in one specific type. So, you’re going to need a mixture to cover her team. Fighting, ghost, and fire cover the biggest spread of her team. And you should have that already in your group as it’s type advantage on the Elite Four, especially with Ceruledge or Skeledirge (if you got Fuecoco as your starter).

Geeta’s team consists of:

  • Espathra – Level 61 – Psychic
  • Avalugg – Level 61 – Ice
  • Kingambit – Level 61 – Dark/Steel
  • Veluza – Level 61 – Water/Psychic
  • Gogoat – Level 61 – Grass
  • Glimmora – Level 62 – Rock/Poison

I didn’t think Geeta was the most challenging of champions like Cynthia. But she’s not the end of the quest line. You still have to face off against Nemona to truly finish the Champion quest line. And her pokémon are stronger.

Champion Nemona

The final rival battle with Nemona and as she puts it, she’s no longer going to be holding back. You’ll face off against her in the center of Mesagzoa where everyone gathers to watch the fight. You already know her team as it’s the same one you’ve seen before, they are just stronger. And her last pokémon you have the type advantage over since it’s based on the starter you went with.

Ground and fighting are her most consistent weaknesses, so having those on your team will help you in this fight.

Nemona’s pokémon are:

  • Lycanroc – Level 65 – Rock
  • Orthworm – Level 65 – Steel
  • Goodra – Level 65 – Dragon
  • Pawmot – Level 65 – Electric/Fighting
  • Dudunsparce – Level 65 – Normal
  • Meowscarada, Skeledirge, or Quaquaval – Lvl 66 – Grass/Dark, Fire/Ghost, or Water/Fighting

Once you’ve beaten Nemona, then you’ve reached the end of Victory Road. Congrats!

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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