Photo Diary: Birthday Parties of Years Past

It’s My Birthday!!!!

Though my mom wasn’t the greatest of taking individual pictures of me growing up as my sister literally refused to leave my side, the one thing she always made sure of was that she took photos every year on my birthday. Or around my birthday rather when I had my hair freshly cut/styled and in an outfit that summed up my year. Either a favorite outfit I loved wearing or something new, and I got a say in what I wanted my birthday picture outfit to be. Some of them were taken at my birthday party and others were just around the house. She did this every year until I turned 18 and she still has the photos hanging up in her bedroom next to my sister’s. So seeing as today is my 24th birthday, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane.

One thing about my birthday that I always laugh about even to this day is that Mother’s day falls around the same date. Now everyone I’ve ever talked to think that’s super cute. And it’s sounds cute in theory. Mom’s day and the kid’s birthday are around the same time so it’s perfect for celebrating. However, we’ve learned that it’s quite the opposite. Mother’s day more or less becomes neglected or turned into just celebrating my birthday instead. My family used to have the tradition of going out to dinner for birthdays, so I got to choose the restaurant which was supposed to be the combined celebration. But honestly it never was. So sorry mom! It’s also funny/sad as my sister’s birthday is a day before my mom’s so the same thing happened there.

When I was really little before I started planning my own birthday parties, my mom always threw me themed parties. And the very first parties were Disney themed from 101 Dalmatians to Pocahontas. Then there was the year my mom had a petting zoo come to the house for my birthday party. Complete with bunnies, goats, and a pony. I walked around the entire time barefoot and ended up stepping in bunny poop. I’m pretty sure my mom yelled at me at one point to put shoes on and I refused. I also rode a pony at one point during the party, but I can’t remember my thoughts on that. I only have the photos of it. That was the last “big” birthday party I ever had. Ones after that were just with the few friends I met after we moved and were move laid back. Mainly because I took over the planning and didn’t want anything crazy. I rather just have some cake and play board games with my friends for my birthday. And I still only ever want that on my birthday. If no one is available, then I’m getting myself a cupcake and playing video games.

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